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Primary Care services offered in Tempe, Glendale and Scottsdale, AZ

Whether you’re in the best shape of your life or have many health challenges, you need a primary care provider to manage your well-being. At Corebella Health & Wellness in Tempe, Glendale, and Scottsdale, Arizona, the team includes primary care physicians who take a holistic and integrative approach to health. For a primary care provider that focuses on you, not your symptoms or disease, call the office nearest you or schedule your in-office or telemedicine appointment online today. 

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is an area of medicine that serves as the principal manager of all of your health needs. A primary care provider has extensive medical training to diagnose, treat, and manage acute and chronic health conditions.

Primary care providers also screen for health problems and provide treatments and recommendations that prevent or delay illness and disease. 

Most importantly, your primary care provider is your medical advocate. They ensure you get the care and support you need to maintain your health and live a full and active life.

When do I need primary care?

Whenever you need medical care, your first visit is to your primary care provider.

You need to see your primary care provider at least once a year for your annual wellness exam. That is the most important health visit of the year. During this exam, your provider assesses your whole health, including your physical, psychological, and social well-being.

You also need primary care when you have an unexpected illness or injury. Primary care providers also manage chronic health conditions. 

What are some of the primary care services?

Corebella Health & Wellness is one of the leading health care providers in the Tempe, Glendale, and Scottsdale areas. The highly-trained, board-certified physicians offer a number of primary care services to manage your health needs, including:

Disease testing and prevention

Finding health problems during the early stages improves your response to treatment, leading to better health outcomes. The primary care providers at Corebella Health & Wellness provide efficient diagnostic disease testing and prevention.

Treatment for acute conditions

Acute health problems may cause uncomfortable and concerning symptoms. When you need medical care for your unexpected illness or injury, the team at Corebella Health & Wellness is available.

Chronic disease management

Chronic diseases require ongoing medical care and management to prevent a worsening of the condition. The Corebella Health & Wellness team provides compassionate care and support to help you understand and manage your chronic health problem.

Physical activity recommendations

Physical activity is important for health and wellness. The team at Corebella Health & Wellness understands how hard it is to start an exercise program. They provide physical activity recommendations that fit your fitness needs and abilities.

Nutritional counseling

Nutritional counseling at Corebella Health & Wellness aims to help you make better food choices for better health.

Addiction medicine

Corebella Health & Wellness is an addiction medicine practice. Primary care is an important part of its addiction recovery program. 

For professional and compassionate primary care, call Corebella Health & Wellness or schedule an appointment online today.